• FOPB Virtual Grant Application Form 2021(The grant form should be downloaded and then opened using Adobe reader. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.  If you open the form in a web browser and complete it without opening it in Adobe Reader the information you enter in the fields will not be saved.) Follow application form instructions at the bottom of this page.


    The Friends of Pleasant Bay (FOPB) is pleased to announce the funding of a new grant. The purpose of the grant is to promote virtual learning related to the environs of Pleasant Bay. Teachers may apply for a single lesson, or if they teach multiple sections of a subject, several lessons could be included in the grant proposal. The Friends of Pleasant Bay (FOPB) encourage innovative virtual educational projects, centered on the Bay through this new competitive grant program, open to all schools in the towns of Chatham, Orleans, Harwich, Brewster, Nauset Regional District and Cape Cod Technical School. Approval of submitted grants will be based on project alignment with and promotion of the FOPB Mission. Grant proposals will be considered on a rolling basis until funds are exhausted. Individuals or teams will be notified directly if the grant request is being awarded. Procedurally, FOPB will reimburse districts for the virtual training upon receipt of an invoice.


    Grants will be for implementation beginning on or after February 1, 2021. Grants requests must be for virtual learning opportunities in the 2020-21or 2021-22 school year. Grant proposals will be considered on a rolling basis until funds are exhausted, so do not wait to apply!


    • To promote education, research and public awareness of the Bay area as one of critical environmental concern and as a valuable and important natural resource

    • To preserve open space and to retain visual quality of the Bay area

    • To preserve the environmental integrity of the Bay shore and cultivate future Bay


    • To ensure Bay habitat protection and retention of rich biological diversity and


    • To retain and enhance public access to the Bay’s shoreline

    • To preserve natural and historic sites associated with the Bay

    • To promote public awareness of historic Native American culture and the Bay


    • Grants must be used for virtual learning opportunities which addresses the stated FOPB mission. Please find some example opportunities listed below. Please note that FOPB is open to funding other virtual learning opportunities as long as there is a proven connection to Pleasant Bay and the FOPB mission. We strongly encourage applications to include opportunities that also support local nonprofits.

    • Funding will not be given for virtual programming that does not focus on Pleasant Bay, learning opportunities that would be applicable on Pleasant Bay and/or activities that do not address the stated FOPB mission.

    • The grant is required to indicate administrative approval and alignment with school policy and educational goals. We expect teachers to have received the principal’s approval prior to submission of application.

    • Grant recipients will submit a written report detailing the outcomes of their grant at the end of their projects to the FOPB Education email address
      ( ).

    • Recipients are strongly encouraged to attend the FOPB Annual Meeting in July 2021 to display results of their work for the Membership to view and celebrate. If this meeting is virtual, we ask that you share your grant outcomes with us in a digital format.

    • If the grant is awarded, a Principal’s signature will be required on the FOPB Conditions of Acceptance Letter. In addition, a signature will be required from the Principal on a year-end report provided by FOPB stating that the grant funds were allocated as earmarked.

    • If the grant is awarded and not used during the 2020-2021 or 2021-22 school year, funds will be returned to FOPB for use in a future grant cycle.


    Since teachers and students cannot get out into the field, we wish to bring the field into the classroom using remote instruction. Teachers may apply for a single lesson, or if they teach multiple sections of a subject, several lessons could be included in the grant proposal. This may be appealing to teachers of any discipline. We ask that grant applications demonstrate a connection to the mission of Friends of Pleasant Bay, but we are currently open to funding a wide array of projects. These projects may include equipment, technology, virtual field trips, guest speakers, supplemental materials, or options that educators develop. Please note, administrators may apply for grants as well. For example, a block grant to purchase “x” iPads or Chromebooks for economically disadvantaged students would be considered.


    • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until funds are exhausted.

    • Please pay attention to the instructions on how to fill out the grant application.

    • Forward completed grant applications to

      o Please save your application in this format: School_Last Name_Year of Application (ex. Monomoy_Smith_2021) as a PDF

    • The selection of recipients will be made by the FOPB Education Grants Committee along with final approval of the FOPB Board of Directors.

    • Grant recipients will be announced on a rolling basis.

    • If the grant is awarded, the FOPB Conditions of Acceptance Letter must be emailed via

      FOPB ASAP to release the funds.
      o Email:

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