Slate for Approval for the 2018 Annual Meeting

Monday June 25, 2018

By unanimous vote of the Nominating Committee:

Second Three Year Term

Jeanne McNett-Orleans

Kris Ramsey-Brewster

John Sonopoli-Brewster

First Three Year Term

Tasia Blough-Brewster

Eric Dicke-Orleans

Robert Granger-Orleans

Kathy Green-Harwich

Ted Lucas-Chatham

Alice Prince-Orleans

Jensie Shipley-Chatham

Maia Ward-Harwich

Slate for Nominating Committee

Board Member

Matt Cannon-Chatham

Alice Ronty-Orleans

At Large

Corliss Primavera-Harwich

Andy Young- Chatham

Herb Heidt-Brewster

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