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The Friends of Pleasant Bay is a grassroots environmental group dedicated to the preservation of one of Cape Cod's most stunning recreational and ecological resources. Since its founding in 1985 the group has been successful in achieving State designation of the Bay as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern, and was instrumental in development and State approval of a Resource Management Plan for the Bay.

The Mission of the Friends of Pleasant Bay is:

  • To promote education, research and public awareness of the area as one of critical environmental concern
  • To preserve open space and to retain visual quality of the area
  • To preserve the environmental integrity of the bay shore
  • To ensure habitat protection and retention of the rich biological diversity and productivity of the bay
  • To retain and enhance public access to the shoreline
  • To preserve natural and historic sites
  • To promote public awareness of historic Indian culture

The Friends encourage innovative education projects centered on the Bay through an annual competitive grant program open to all public schools in the area. The Friends also provide regular support for advanced technical studies of the Bay, and develop and publish informational documents for public education and awareness.  We frequently participate in the public process on issues affecting the Bay, and raise and provide funds for purchase of critical open space land. 

Board of Directors 2018-2019

Tasia Blough, Brewster

Mon Cochran, Orleans

Robin Davis, Orleans

Eric Dicke, Orleans

Robert Granger, Orleans

Katherine Green, Harwich

Suzanne Leahy, Brewster

Liz Maloney, Harwich

Jeanne McNett, Orleans

Jeffrey Morgan, Harwich

Alice S. Prince, Orleans

Kris Ramsey, Brewster

Alice Ronty, Orleans

Jensie Shipley, Chatham

John Sinopoli, Brewster

Maia Ward, Harwich

Don Ziegler, Brewster

Dorothy Bassett, Harwich

Todd Kelley, Dennis

Officers 2019-2020

President: Suzanne Leahy

Vice President: Kris Ramsey

Secretary: Don Ziegler

Treasurer: Eric Dicke

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       Friends of Pleasant Bay
             P.O. Box 1243
          Harwich, MA 02645


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