Friends of Pleasant Bay Annual Meeting

Monday, July 12th from 4pm-6pm 

In person at  The Wequassett Resort

Guest Speaker:  Jennifer Weston, Director of the Wôpanâak Language Reclamation Project


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     The following candidates are being presented by this year’s 

Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors:

Mon Cochran, former director and president of FoPB; has a deep commitment to the preservation of Pleasant Bay.

Catherine Kane, sixth grade teacher at Monomoy Regional Middle School; 

incorporates the Cape’s natural resources into classroom experiences.

Corliss Primavera, descendant of the Nickerson Family of Pleasant Bay; is active in local historical societies.

     The following candidates are being presented by this year’s 

Nominating Committee for next year’s Nominating Committee:

Joan Barker

Eunice Burley

Moncrieff Cochran

Paul Niles

Don Ziegler


For the Preservation &

Enjoyment of Pleasant Bay

The Friends of Pleasant Bay is a grassroots environmental group dedicated to the preservation of one of Cape Cod's most stunning recreational and ecological resources. Since its founding in 1985 the group has been successful in achieving State designation of the Bay as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern, and was instrumental in development and State approval of a Resource Management Plan for the Bay. The Plan identifies the Bay as a regional resource requiring coordinated management of the surrounding towns. To meet this task, the four towns bordering the Bay subsequently formed the Pleasant Bay Alliance. The Friends provide ongoing support for implementation of the Resource Management Plan and host a range of other programs.

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The tides continue their unceasing ebb and flow. Similarly, the work of protecting this magnificent estuary is unceasing. We welcome your support. All who want to take part in preserving this invaluable resource are invited to become Friends.

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